Ten tips: with a group on a skiing holiday to Les Deux Alpes

A winter sports holiday with a group of people is of course super fun. And a group ski holiday to Les Deux Alpes is especially great because there is always snow through the cannons and the glacier. In Les Deux Alpes there are moreover slopes for every level.

Winter sports are the perfect way to be active together in the snow. A lunch in the sun, the apres ski and dinner are the best moments to catch up or to talk about the skiing experiences of the day.

In these ten tips “With a group on a skiing holiday to Les Deux Alpes,” we help you to organise the skiing holiday as smooth as possible when traveling with a group. That can be a family trip, such as an anniversary celebration or an annual trip with the football club or a winter sports holiday with a group of friends. Many companies also opt to reward their staff by going on a winter sports holiday with a group of colleagues. Traveling with a large group is fun but requires good preparation and coordination with all travelers.

Send everyone a questionnaire

This list is especially for the hotel in Les Deux Alpes, so that they know who is staying.

Full name:

Passport number:

Mobile phone number at holiday address:


Get up early and be the first to hit the slopes? Yes / No

Prefer to sleep long and connect later? Yes / No

This allows the hotel to organize the sleeping guests on a quiet corner, while the early birds stumble outside.

Food allergy Yes / No. What not?

Ski rental required Yes / No

Make a shortlist of hotels and costs

Everything depends on the budget that you can travel with. To avoid surprises during the winter group holiday, it is smart to book a hotel that offers half board.

With this, you are sure of a good breakfast and you do not have to think about dinner anymore. The danger is that if you as a group have to look for a restaurant every evening, there is sometimes no place for a large group of eaters.

A hotel with its own restaurant is then preferred; that provides peace of mind where the own tables form a cozy beacon to discuss the adventures of that day with a good glass of wine.

Hotels are mainly judged by location and guest reviews. Therefore look at both Google reviews and reviews on Tripadvisor for a first indication of the quality / price ratio.

Ask group prices at hotels in Les Deux Alpes

Send the specific wishes and the number of guests for the winter sports in Les Deux Alpes to the hotel and ask for a customized price. To save costs, it is smart to email or call the hotel directly. If sites are booked through separate booking sites, the hotel pays a commission to that party. By booking directly, the hotel will appreciate this and can do something extra for your group.

Make a list of who in the group wants to rent which skis or snowboards

Whoever travels by car and has his own ski equipment, naturally throws the shoes, boards and skis in the trunk. But perhaps a winter sports holiday with a group to Les Deux Alpes is a great time to try out new skis!

The technology of skis does not stand still; you make extra speed on a ski with carbon and titanium plate and if you want to go off-piste, you opt for an all-mountain freeride ski. Are you more a technical skier, then it is nice to rent an extra sharp carve ski. Most hotels have fixed agreements with a ski rental company for extra discount. And if you provide the desired type of skis and number of people, the ski rental company can reserve this for your group.

Select number of special trips and activities for the group in Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes is a wonderfully large ski area with guaranteed snow, also in December. It is also one of the few French villages where the hospitality industry knows what an après ski means. In addition, there are various activities that are fun for a group to do. It is smart to reserve certain activities in advance.

Nice things to do in Les Deux Alpes

Ice glider

Tien tips: met een groep op wintersport vakantie naar Les Deux Alpes.

The famous bumper cars from the fair, but now on the ice so extra difficult to drive. You pay 5 euros for 6 minutes and two people are allowed in an Ice Glider. Open every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Le Meijotel

38860 Les Deux Alpes


Contact by mail


fun stuff for a group in Les Deux Alpes

Bowling Le Strike is a fun bowling with six lanes for up to 8 players per lane, so it is important to reserve this in advance. Costs are five euros per person per game. There is also air hockey and darts and a minibar.

12 Place de L’Alpe de Venosc,

Les Deux-Alpes, France


Swimming pool

There are two swimming pools in Les Deux Alpes; a Piscine Municipale that belongs to the municipality. It is large and warm and offers a sauna and a hammam in the winter.

74 Ruelle des Oratoires,

38520 Venosc


In the Espace 1800 wellness center you can not only jump into a warm bath but also enjoy the view on a lounger. For both pools it applies that for the men a tight swimsuit is mandatory.

38860 Mont-de-Lans


All address details of hotel, and flights

It seems obvious, but a simple travel list with flight details, departure and arrival times in Les Deux Alpes plus the phone number and address of the hotel is handy for everyone. That saves questions such as “What time are we there?”

Make a list with everyone’s phone numbers

Everyone will undoubtedly know each other, but to be on the safe side, make a list of telephone numbers and email addresses. Handy for sending photos or texting each other.

Open WhatsApp group

Put all information shared with everyone in a special WhatsApp group. In an emergency, all information is available and immediate action can be taken.

Tip for group booking as a reminder

Mobile charging batteries for the telephone, also known as Power Banks, are indispensable in cold areas. The battery of a telephone quickly deteriorates in cold and therefore it is smart to take a charger with you. Don’t forget to charge it every night too!

For companies but also for clubs it is a fun and tangible reminder to give everyone a Powerbank with the logo on it. Many companies in promotional gifts offer this, but the same applies here; order in time.

Enjoy your group holiday in Les Deux Alpes

Winter sports holiday is good for mind and body. The fresh and clean mountain air makes blood flow faster and the quality of the food in France is definitely worth it. If all the previous nine tips have been filled in, then you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Therefore, go have fun and enjoy a wonderful group winter sports holiday in Les Deux Alpes!