Ski holidays Les Deux Alpes for the family and your dog

Les Deux Alpes is of course the perfect location as a winter sports destination. Beautifully situated in the French Alps, on a snow-sure height with descents for every level. Moreover, with the extension of a new blue slope it has become extra easy to end a descent directly at a restaurant; you can click out the skis at the bottom of the piste near your dining table.

Winter sports to Les Deux Alpes with the whole family is a good idea, but who will look after your dog at home? Throughout the year, your four-legged friend is part of the family, and of course you don’t let the poor little creature watch wagging on how everyone is leaving? Fortunately, that is not necessary: ​​on a winter sports holiday to Les Deux Alpes it can be an extra nice outing for the dog to come along with and at some hotels you can bring the dog (in consultation).

Jam Session dog friendly hotel in Les Deux Alpes

Of course, nobody wants to stay in a hotel where there are more dogs than people; it would literally become a beast of things. But if you indicate when you book your ski hotel with Italian restaurant in Les Deux Alpes that you want to take a dog with you, the principle “whoever asks first is most likely to get an OK”. Therefore, book in time for your holiday in Les Deux Alpes. The ski hotel can then see how many dogs are registered for your week and whether your dog can still access it. Of course it also makes a difference whether you let a Newfoundland or a chihuahua stay in your hotel room.

Ski hotel and restaurant Jam Session is a true family hotel where the staff not only love winter sports and people, but also dogs. If your room is being cleaned, the staff will give for sure the dog a nice pat on the head. Your dog can sleep further after a morning walk or watch from the balcony whether “the boss” is coming back. And then the snow fun begins; dogs love to run in the snow. Maybe it is the first time you take your dog with you; it will be completely special for all of you! Taking soft snowballs from the air is one of the most favorite games for dogs and in that way you involve the dog in your winter sports holiday.

Les Deux Alpes dog friendly

With a dog on a winter sports holiday to Les Deux Alpes means that you also have an extra excuse to make wonderful walks through the woods. This is possible before you make a descent, around noon, just before lunch or in the evening, when the stars and the moon do their best to illuminate the forests. Les Deux Alpes is a famous ski village in the heart of the Oisans in the middle of the Isere region where almost every resident has a dog; it is a truly animal-friendly destination. With the many hiking trails along the slopes and around the hotel you can let the dog play and run around.

Les Deux Alpes offers winter sports enthusiasts no less than 225 kilometers of descents at different heights; from 1300 meters in the Mont de Lans village to the glacier at 3,600 meters. It is quite fresh there but also wonderfully clear; between the peaks is extra fresh snow where you can start the descent.

If you are looking for a dog-friendly hotel in Les Deux Alpes, please inquire about the options for taking your dog. At Hotel Jam Session people respond quickly and adequately to your email via Jam Session is a cozy and informal Italian family hotel on the slopes with its own Italian restaurant where you can eat the best pasta from Les Deux Alpes. You can start your Les Deux Alpes ski booking via this link. We wish you and your dog a very happy wintersport holiday!